Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cleaning Bakelite Telehones (and plastic phones)

After years of practice I believe the best way to clean Bakelite and plastic Telephones is as follows:

Carefully dismantle the telephone as much as possible. Then

  1. Clean the Bakelite with a good non abrasive chrome cleaner such as autochrome. Working the cleaner into the telephone in a circular motion.
  2. The next stage and most important stage is to use "paste polishing number 5" from greygate chemical products specifically designed for cleaning Bakelite telephones.
  3. Finish with a good quality "carnauda" car wax (that containing no silicones)

At each stage use plenty of elbow grease and patience. For the final polish use a clean cotton duster

Please let me know if you ever find a better way to clean bakelite phones. or have any useful information about old British telephones.

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